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Cain Lecture: The Shocking Truth About Job-Related Issues Leading to Suicide Amongst Nurses

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Dean's Lecture Series
Judy Davidson, DNP RN MCCM FAAN |  Marie Manthey, PhD (Hon.), MNA, FAAN, FRCN
1 Hour 26 Minutes
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Nurses have been identified to have a higher risk of suicide than the general population, and the pandemic has increased the risk of mental health disorders, including suicide. In an effort to shed light on actionable mental health issues among nurses, this lecture will explore evidence-based approaches for risk detection and referral to treatment and address inequities in the treatment of nurses with mental health issues. Join us for a discussion of individual and health care system approaches to optimizing workplace wellness for nurses. 


Judy Davidson, DNP RN MCCM FAAN's Profile

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UC San Diego School of Medicine

Davidson serves as a nurse scientist for the University of California San Diego, supporting nurses with project development, presentation, and publication. Her research focuses on workplace wellness and specifically mental health issues, suicide prevention, and suicide among health care professionals. Her team developed the first suicide prevention program for nurses, which has been awarded Edge Runner status by the American Academy of Nursing as a model for replication. During this lecture, she will talk about research results and evidence-based strategies for prevention. 

Marie Manthey, PhD (Hon.), MNA, FAAN, FRCN's Profile

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Nurses Peer Support Network

Founder and president emerita of Creative Health Care Management consultation company, Manthey has long been motivated by one passion: a focus on the nurse-patient relationship and its potential for healing. She earned her BSN and MS in Nursing Administration from the University of Minnesota, where she is adjunct faculty. Her academic background makes her comfortable working in theories, but her strength is bringing new ideas into reality in a way that makes sense to practitioners and leaders.

Manthey’s life work, primary nursing and relationship-based care, started in one unit at the University of Minnesota and is now recognized and sought after worldwide. Her ability to describe key clinical practices in universal terms connects with health care executives, and she speaks about practice in a way clinicians can identify with—they get her, and she gets them. When Manthey uses inspirational language, they accept it and feel inspired.

At the height of her career, Manthey became addicted to alcohol and started on a journey in recovery that involved a deep transformation that is now in the 43rd year. She has helped develop a peer support program for nurses in Minnesota that is now in the sixth year. The Nursing Peer Support Network has helped thousands of nurses into recovery and employment.
Manthey lives in Minneapolis, and though she feels she’s entered a more reflective stage of her career, her colleagues and clients seek her counsel every day.

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