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My video playback is stuttering, buffering, or playing poorly

There are a couple main culprits that may cause streaming playback issues. We've found the following troubleshooting steps correct the vast majority of buffering or stuttering performance issues. Any option by itself may clear up the playback issues. 

Please note that Internet Explorer is no longer supported by Microsoft and is also no longer supported for program playback. If you are unsure of what Internet browser you are using, you can check by visiting this link. If you are on Internet Explorer, we recommend you switch to Microsoft Edge


If your video has stopped momentarily and this issue isn't occurring consistently, please click on the "Reload Video" button at the bottom left corner of your viewer. If a video playback issue consistently repeats - see below section.

If The Reload Video button does not seem to resolve the issue, try refreshing your entire viewer page by going to the Help tab in the viewer and clicking on the "Reload Viewer" text to refresh the page and reload the program.

If reloading the video doesn't seem to resolve the issue, here are some more suggestions:



You may be having intermittent issues with your Internet connection. This solution will lock you onto the lowest video stream that may smooth out your video playback experience.

  1. Hover your mouse over the video player
  2. Hover your mouse over the HD text at the bottom right of your video player
  3. Select the lowest quality (lowest number) available. In the below screenshot the lowest quality is 180. 
  4. If video playback issues continue - move onto Step #2 below

PLEASE NOTE: If you are on a Mac device and/or using Safari, the HD button is not present. In order to lower the stream speed you will need to switch to the Google Chrome browser.


Your Internet cache in your browser may need to be cleaned/cleared out. If you are unsure on how to clear your browser cache, an alternate, easier and quicker option is to try switching to a different Internet browser to continue viewing the program. If you're on Microsoft Edge - try switching to view the program on Google Chrome browser. Other popular browsers such as Opera and Firefox are compliant with program playback. Following this step resolves the vast majority of playback issues.

Internet Explorer is no longer a supported web browser. If you are attempting to view the video content using Internet Explorer, you will need to switch to another browser such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Firefox. 

​If any video playback issue persists, please contact Support for further troubleshooting.

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