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Associate Dean

Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing

Additionally, Dr. D'Aoust is an expert in interprofessional education, community service, and providing access to care for vulnerable populations. Dr. D'Aoust has long made her mark where the business of education and health care intersect. She has led advances in curriculum and classroom technology that match an understanding of ways to construct learning with the philosophy of education and a mastery of financial issues in higher education. At the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, she continues to lead the development and implementation of innovative teaching and learning strategies. Recently acquiring a grant (with Dr Hudson) to implement new software for educational innovation at JHU.


In the past year, she has earned the following awards and recognitions:

*National League for Nursing, Board of Commissioners Certified Nurse Educator, Star Award Recognition

* Maryland Higher Education Commission Nurse Support Program II, Appreciation Award

* Our Lady of Fatima University (Singapore), University Appreciation & Recognition Award