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Hollis Caswell

I am the Nursing Simulation Coordinator for Hood College in Frederick, MD, with over thirty years of pediatric/neonatal critical care nursing. My simulation journey started at Boston Children’s hospital, where I was the PICU Nurse Educator. I provided many different simulation modalities to help educate and train our team to handle the most difficult situations. Education in the clinical setting and simulation was a teaching modality that resonated with my learning style. I became more involved in learning the debriefing style and how simulation could evoke more critical thinking in nurses when I started in academia. The Maryland Clinical Simulation Resource Consortium (MCSRC) allowed me to grow as a simulation educator and focus on educational objectives that suited my learners. I have completed the Advanced Simulation Education Leader IV (ASEL IV) and presented my project “Debriefing in the Classroom and Beyond” at the International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning (INACSL) Conference held in Milwaukee last June. I am interested in interdisciplinary practice and have a poster presentation at the upcoming INACSL 2023 Conference entitled, “Understanding Scope of Practice, an Interdisciplinary Simulation between Nursing and Medical Laboratory Science Students.”